Kalpana is a hub of Indian tradition and modern fashion blended together

A Family Owned Business


Kalpana is a one stop shop for both contemporary and traditional accessories (including a wide range of jewellery, handcrafted Indian bags, elegant footwear, etc.) as well as designer sarees. At Kalpana, we are passionate about finding that perfect accessory for you. We pride ourselves on being known for the world class quality of products and exceptional customer service we provide. We have set very high standards for ourselves and we constantly work towards raising the bar. We firmly believe that fashion is dynamic, thus we consistently keep abreast with fashion updates and regularly replenish our stock to keep pace with the changing trends.


Kalpana began as a dream to bring Indian fashion all the way to the UK and make it accessible to all the fashion lovers here. With a modest start in 1984, Kalpana began by catering to the customers mostly based locally. However, with an unparalleled quality of products and unmatched customer service, Kalpana soon became a household name and a favourite destination for the shoppers looking for anything Indian. From then on, there has been no looking back. We have built a strong connection with our customers along the way and earned ourselves a name that is synonymous with unfaltering service. We are steadfast in our values and quality standards. Kalpana is now a fashion hub that serves customers from our local as well as online stores with no boundaries to keep style away from you.